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Battlefield 3 Pc Ultra Settings 1080p Monitor

battlefield 3 pc ultra settings 1080p monitor


Battlefield 3 Pc Ultra Settings 1080p Monitor




















































Battlefield 3 Pc Ultra Settings 1080p Monitor



I believe in this order cpu, followed by a good video graphics card and system ram. but yeah, good overall tips. You should get around 45 - 50 fps average. Worth the price& N0! Squad Teamwork: Multiplayer / On Line Play: this is where the real action is at. Support Class: DROP AMMO!!!!! Support Class has a supply of Ammo packs, you need to keep not only you, BUT YOUR TEAM SUPPLIED WITH AMMO!! They run out of ammo there in trouble, and you will be next. Caspian Border for example. Ask a new question . If a teammate makes the kill on a spotted enemy by you, you get a few points for the spot. The CPU & GPU (graphics processing unit) go hand in hand. clubbythe Enlisted: 2011-10-29 2013-01-05 07:34 , edited 2013-01-05 07:34 by clubbythe quicktiger said:Yes you should be able to run ultra. Most likely there pc. With certain maps, BF3 action and field of view will cause FPS to increase and drop at times. You shouldve gone more into detail in how much of a hit certain settings will cause on your overall FPS, and set them accordingly. Sandy Bridge does not support 3.0 pci express. 6870 is decent alone you can get away with high settings it seems like the drivers for this game are not tottally mature yet.


Computer Repair Evans Augusta GA Laptop Repair Augusta Lightspeeds PC Repair About PC Repair Services Laptop Repair Laptop Screen Repair Augusta GA Laptop DC Charging Port Repair iPad Screen Repair iPad Mini Screen Repair Testimonials Contact Battlefield 3 Game Optimization Settings FPSTweaks Computers Repair, Gaming, Hardware November 11, 2011 Comments: 5 How to squeeze out a few more FPS in Battlefield 3? BF3 System requirements posted for the PC game here. BF3 Ultra Settings 243 19201080 HD LCD With Tweaks Mentioned Above: 60-80 FPS Averages 65-75 Range, with low FPS dipping to 53-58 All BF3 Ultra Settings Enabled No Tweaks All Ultra Settings: 50-75 FPS Averages 55-70 Range (VSync Off) BF3 High Settings 243 19201080 HD LCD With Tweaks Mentioned Above: 68 110 FPS Averages 75-95 Range All BF3 High Settings Enabled No Tweaks All High Settings: 60-85 FPS Averages 70-80 Range (VSync Off) Overclocking this AMD 3.2 GHZ to 3.9 GHZ adds about 8-11 FPS on the above numbers. Full specs in channel. Anyway here are my system specs OS: Windows 7 (64 bit) Processor: Windows i7-3820 3.60GHz RAM: 16 GB (16384MB) Video card: GTX660 1.5GB I'd probs run high if I were you as your FPS will dip on large maps. cant rememberAnisotropic Filter: 16x Hahaha dude, on lowest I get about 25 fps on a small map. This Battlefield 1 Gameplay will include my review of the . Skill Ripjaws X Series DDR3 1333 Memory (2-20-12 Upgraded To Full 16GB) Cooler Master CM690 Case Eset Nod32 AntiVirus 6 Link: Asus GTX 560 1GB GDDR5 Battlefield 3 Performance The System Build Above AMD Phenom 955 Quad Core / ASUS GTX 560: Can You Run It AMD Quad Phenom 955 BF3 score graph below: Congratulations, your system passes the Recommended requirements! You should have a great experience running this product. So what kind of hardware do you need to get the absolutely best Battlefield 3 experience possible? A lot really depends on what type of experience YOU want. goodguy713Jan 13, 2012, 1:55 PM although i have to say its a lot more stable then it was . Learn the flow of the map, and objectives. Local network play. im on a 670, 52-60fps 1080p. Internet Connection: Your internet connection has a big factor also on how well BF3 or any on line game runs. if those settings run too slow id turn down mesh quality effects quality and AA post in that order to still have it looking shiny goodguy713Jan 13, 2012, 1:52 PM ill put it this way i have 2 6870's in crossfire and i cant play that game on ultra at least not multi player . Became tired of the on line gamers in general. Battlefield 3 Performance Demands for Low, Medium, High, and Ultra Quality . Temporarily Disable Anti Virus Software While Gaming If you anti virus begins updating or starts a system scan, both use processing power,, while your gaming, you will notice a big drop in game performance when this happens. cant rememberAnisotropic Filter: 16x Operation FirestormAverage FPS 25. Cheaters, Hackers, Exploiters.

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